Rental Fees


Weddings and Rehearsals

Up to 3 hrs. for rehearsal the day before the wedding and up to 8 hrs. on wedding day                                     $100 members/$625 non-members

Refundable damage or extra cleanup deposit (also covers use of fellowship hall)                                                    $200 members/$200 non-members


Chapel Rental (other than weddings)

Up to 3 hrs usage/per day                                         $0 members/$350 non-members      

Up to 6 hrs usage/per day                                         $100 members/$500 non-members 

Up to 8 hrs usage/per day                                         $100 members/$600 non-members

                                *Charges may vary depending on time and type of use

Refundable damage or extra cleanup deposit                                                                                                          

Up to 3 hrs usage                                                           $0 members/$100 non-members

Up to 6 hrs usage                                                             $100 members/$200 non-members

Up to 8 hrs usage                                                             $200 members/$200 non-members  

*Over 8 hrs or multi-day usage other than for meetings/gatherings/ceremonies is negotiable upon request. Contact for more information.